A guide to backdoor lovin’ with Nina Hartley…

Some of you know Nina Hartley as a Porn star. But did you also know that not only is she a registered nurse, but has done a ton in encouraging sex-positive feminism and women’s rights in the adult industry by appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show and writing Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex, amoungst other things.

These days, she posts a vlog every Tuesday called Tuesdays with Nina on Eden Fantasys SexIs site, full of helpful imformation and quirky tid-bits. She talks about everything from Period Sex to dealing with genital piercings and even Kama Sutra etiquette.

This week, is Anal 101. Now, if you’re not a backdoor lover already, but have always been curious, Nina helps walks you through how to prep yourself, both physically and mentally for this deliciously deviant deed.

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