Following close on the heels of Bust, Bitch and Sweet Action magazines, PoolBoy is ready to corner the market.

Readers and subscribers of PoolBoy Magazine are smart, sexy, independent, creative, and cutting edge with their feet firmly in the hip genres of feminist subcultures.

PoolBoy can help your brand stand out by capturing the attention of our dynamic, powerful and intelligent readership that embraces our PoolBoy Lifestyle of cultural critique and sexual desire.

In keeping with our ethos of the DIY lifestyle our goal is to primarily work with smaller, independent advertisers whose marketing, products and services are in step with our mission of formulating a reply to the lack of available media out there combining female desire and cultural critique.

With that in mind, we are keeping our ad rates reasonably priced in order to work with businesses and advertisers that support our work.

We offer print and online advertising space. Please contact us via email at advertise@poolboymagazine(DOT COM) for more information.

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