America The Beautiful

So Condomania, a custom condom and sex toy retailer, just released some data on America’s penis sizes.

According to Condomania, they collected data from their sales database from over 27,000 men and have presented their findings by city and state.  I know what all you smart ladies are thinking, how do we know their measurements are, uh, accurate? Men tend to overestimate (roundup!) their specs amiright?

Well Condomania is in the business of accurate cock measurments because they invented the custom-fit condom, TheyFit.  Just like with our bras, many men end up wearing the wrong size condoms and the major brands of condom sizes aren’t that varied (Regular, Large, XXL? What is this Communist Russia!!??!).

Condomania was all “duh” and decided to be like that old lady in the bra store that will custom fit you a bra.  Customers at Condomania go online (discreetly) and can fill out a measuring form that will give them an accurate size description and from there they can choose from over 76 condom sizes. 76!?!? That’s right, one size fits all doesn’t really work for cock and nor should it.  We want our poolboys to be safe and comfortable and having just as much as fun as we are, don’t we?

But back to this data!  This is science folks!

Guess not everything’s big in Texas because Dallas-Fort Worth ranked as the city with the smallest dicks.

And not to brag or anything but Phoenix is ranked in the top 5 cities for largest dick size.  Come on down to our cock banaza in the desert and get your fill ladies.

Oh and the number 1 city? New Orleans!  Is that spicy gumbo in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

here some other highlights from their study:

* Top Ranking State by Average Penis Size: New Hampshire
* Lowest Ranking State by Average Penis Size: Wyoming [Utah is #2 lowest.]
* Top Ranking U.S. City by Average Penis Size: New Orleans
* Second Highest Ranking City (just behind N.O.): Washington, D.C.
* Lowest Ranking City by Average Penis Size: Dallas/Ft. Worth
* Blue States vs Red States: Blue States’ Average Penis Size is Bigger.
* Penises Come in a Wide Range of Sizes: The Smallest Penises are Less Than 3″ in Length and the Largest Penises are Longer Than 10″ in Length
* Penis Sizes Chart Almost a Perfect Bell Curve: 25% of the Male Population is Under 5″ in Length, 50% are Between 5″ and 6″ in Length and 25% are Longer than 6″ in Length

(reblogged from our girl Violet Blue)

But I have to ask our readers, is it wrong to want to see which city has the biggest dicks and which city has the smallest? 

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