Bad News Dudes

You know how you feel when you find yourself pining after a dude that has been a total dick to you? Or when you notice your loins responding to the sight of that dirty, probably homeless, and certainly crazy, hot punk kid that rides your bus sometimes? I’m sure many women have spent countless hours in therapy trying to understand where the attraction to people totally unsuitable for them comes from. I think it’s something about how hot hate fucking can be or how many of us think we can change assholes, break through their dickhead exterior to find a good person underneath. Maybe we just like a challenge. Whatever it is, Guys We Shouldn’t Be Attracted To chronicles all the bad news dudes that you hate to want to fuck.

The hilarious ladies of the blog dish on why wanting to do the dirty with everyone from Captain Adama (“get out of that Captain’s uniform so I can tolerate your naked walrus body looming over mine.”) to King Triton (“Can you say daddy issues?”) and Anthony Perkins in Psycho (“Sure he killed his mom and dresses up as her and whatever, but seriously the lady boner I get when watching Psycho is uncontainable. I think I spent most of the last time I watched it texting my friend my plan on exhuming Anthony Perkin’s corpse and giving it one last go around. I mean, it seems in character right? Right?!”) is wrong wrong wrong. My first boyfriend totally looked like Anthony Perkins in Psycho (something my sister brought up constantly), so I completely get this.


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