Beaten to the Bong

It was with excitement and a little disappointment that I learned from Jezebel about Best Buds, a girl stoner movie in the works staring Natalie Portman. I say I felt a little disappointment only because the lovely lady of leisure and I had been working on something similar (and I don’t mean just being best buds and smoking a lot of weed, though we do that as well). Best Buds is apparently a stoner lady movie with “a road trip and a wedding at its center, with female friends hitting the road to cure a bride friend’s woes with weed.”

It’s so nice to see movies with female comedians as the stars and also to see the myth about ladies not liking green dispelled in a big public way. Best Buds screenwriter Jamie Denbo feels the same way, and she realized it watching Knocked Up:

The galvanizing moment for Denbo was the scene in Knocked Up when Katherine Heigl‘s character makes Seth Rogen’s give up his bong. “It just seemed like a metaphor of, ‘Put down the bong and we can get married.’ That’s not how it goes in my house. It’s more like, ‘Hey, you’re pregnant, maybe stop smoking weed for fucking five minutes,” jokes Denbo, who is the mother of two. “That was never the women that I knew.”

Lady speaks the truth! Denbo also knows what’s up concerning dick jokes:

…dick jokes may have reached their peak. “They’ve gotten to a point with dick jokes that now they have to show a dick for it to be funny,” says Denbo, pointing to Jason Segal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

I dream of the day when almost every big actor has shown his dick in a movie, like most women now with their breasts. If it’s gotten to the point where ya gotta show some peen now to get laughs from a dick joke then we are well on our way.

Back to Best Buds, I’m glad someone has finally made a stoner chick movie. Fingers crossed that it lives up to such classics as How High and Harold and Kumar, just with dicks instead of all the boobs.

Speaking of funny ladies and weed, remember Garfunkel and Oates?

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