BFs Forevah

Once during college I played an icebreaker game called “I’ve Never..”

The game makes a group of people sit in a large circle. One person stands in the middle and says “I’ve never…” and says something they have never done (gone skydiving, shoplifted, been to Paris, blah blah blah). Everyone in the circle who has done the act has to get up and run to another chair. Everyone who has not, stays seated. The person left standing without a chair is the new middle person and must say something they have never done, and the game continues.

On this particular night, after a few boring rounds, I was left in the middle.

Unable to contain myself, I blurted out:
“I’ve never snorted coke off my boyfriend’s boner”

Everyone in the room froze except for one woman who jumped up to run to another chair.

And that’s how I met my best friend Sarah.

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