Boobquake 2010!

Better hold onto your hats tomorrow, there might be a Boobquake!

Inspired by an Iranian cleric’s comments that scantily clad women can start earthquakes, blogger Jen McCreight (pictured below) jokingly suggested that we test his theory by showing some skin on the same day. And thus the Boobquake began.

On Monday, April 26 women across the country will get out their v-neck shirts, summer skirts, flip flops, or anything that shows some scandalous lady flesh, in hopes of harnessing their lady powers and starting a Boobquake. If aforementioned cleric’s theory is correct, not only will the earth be rocked, but men worldwide will spontaneously combust (ok, I sort of made that last part up, but if female skin is so potent as to rock the earth, I figure we can get some heads exploding too).

Will you be involved? I say, let the tremors begin!

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