Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the Chelsea Handler show at the Dodge Theater in PHX (for free nonetheless!). I’ve been a fan of Ms. Handler since seeing her TV show Chelsea Lately. The lady is quick. She always gets the last word and usually that word is pretty hilarious. She’s got a new book out, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang (and yes, I just linked to GoodReads, fuck that huge online bookseller that pushes indie bookstores out of business), from which much of the material at her live show was based.

A girl after my own heart, Ms. Handler went on a huge spiel about how gross balls are (“I can understand wanting to get fucked but who goes out thinking, ‘I can’t wait to get my mouth around some balls!’?”) and then reenacted discovering “the feeling” at her first sleepover at age 8. How can you not love a woman who learns to masturbate at 8 but thinks she’s the only one that knows about this magical power and so has the inside balls to do it at the dinner table?

If you get a chance to see Ms. Handler on the road I highly recommend it. Otherwise just read the book, or her collection of one night stands, My Horizontal Life.

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