I’m really late on this but these pictures are too good to waste. At the end of April the Pool Girls packed up some things and headed out to Phoenix’s first annual Underground Publishers Convention held in the Stinkweeds Record Store parking lot. We chatted with publishers, writers, artists, comedians and zinesters peddeling their wares. Of course we came prepared with flyers, pick up lines, boner jamz, and some dick cookies.

Hmm? What’s that you say? “What are dick cookies?” Well they are exactly what they sound like. DICK. COOKIES.

Personally we like to call them “cockies” but either way, sometimes you just gotta eat some cock. Especially sprinkled with a little sugar. Or pink and covered in chocolate sprinkle pubs.

Our good friend JDLC likes his covered in gooey white goodness.

Mmmmmmm. Yeah baby.

Keep checking back for our new series – Boys Eating our Cockies. Hot.

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