Could you date a dude who didn’t call himself feminist?

Linked by feministing, there’s an article on the frisky that discusses the question, could you date a man who didn’t call himself a feminist?

Personally, it’s one thing to be against the term because of the popular branding of feminists as bra burning, hairy legged, man haters, but it’s another to not identify with the core meaning, which to me is equality and the end of objectification and oppression. I’ve had the “do you consider yourself a feminist?” discussion with a couple dudes. If they are willing to talk about it that’s a plus. None of them have ever said they don’t believe in feminism, but a few have said they aren’t into labels or think there should be a different term so they don’t think of angry lesbians or whatever negative stereotypes come to mind when guys hear “feminism.” I think the whole needing a new word argument is a bunch of crap. Why should we change a word because the anti-feminists have done their best to scare everyone away? If people are open minded they will see that the basis of feminism, aside from all anti-porn/pro-porn etc. arguments, is equality and that is hard to argue against. If a dude I am banging or want to bang does have a problem with that then that’s a red flag that’s too big for me to overcome. It’s doesn’t mean I won’t hate fuck the dude necessarily, but I certainly won’t be calling him back the next day. Hey, sometimes a girl gets horny and ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

That said, feminist boys are the best in bed, I think we can all agree on that.

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