Cry Baby Mamas-Boy

As a young woman, I have come to a point in my life were I can look at my past experiences and point out pivotal learning moments. I recently had one at the bar I work at, during a sour interaction with an ex-sex buddy. We use to be what I considered best friends at one point. I was also much younger then, and didn’t realize what was really going on. To give you an example, I have seen first hand, that this dude I once thought to be so intelligent and sexy, is nothing more than a hurt man praying on younger chicks. And he is in no way vindictive or evil. He is not even incredibly harmful, he is just the type of guy that can’t allow a relationship to last due to his commitment issues. So he continually allows himself to be the victim or makes himself out to be the victim in his love affairs. He is a predator in my opinion, because younger women have always been his target. The early 20s, so full of hope, desire, and sexual eagerness! 

He came into the bar with a group of people in their early 20s, mostly chicks. He is a handsome man, and he does well with his words. So it is very easy to get lost in his spell. I could see him showing the group around the bar, their young eyes full of awe. Once he saw me he immediately made a smug stink face and looked away. And the only thing I felt was relief. Relief that I could see this person for who they are. Doesn’t make him bad or evil. It just makes him not right for me. It was a good move not continuing things with him. And he only validated my decision by the childish way he was acting. Some exes you can be humane and some you cannot.  I kept the details vague because my point of sharing is not about what happened, but the realization. It is my choice who I let in and keep in my life. It is my choice to be strong and happy. It is my choice to make the best decisions for me. And it is my choice to not have a fucking cry baby mamas-boy as my partner in life!

It is your life. What do you choose? Feel free to share a story or comment below.

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