PoolBoy is currently looking for content for future issues of our magazine and for our blog. We’re looking to publish articles and stories that examine, respond to, critique, or highlight aspects of sex and indie-pop cultures such as social trends and political analysis, as well as movies, television, music, books, the internet and more. We are also looking for reviews of pornography that is marketed to and produced for women, articles on sexual health and advice, sexy toys and other sex-related products, travel features, as well as interviews and write-ups on current cultural and iconic figures. Erotic fiction is welcome as long as it is from the female perspective and not cliché or horrible.

We’re always looking for new photographers, artists, and illustrators to work with. We may commission people with various styles appropriate for each individual article.

We do not publish poetry. Unless it’s about penis.


We are welcome to idea pitches for future issues as well. If you are submitting a story idea rather than an actual story, please also send us samples of your previous writing.


Submission Guidelines for Content for PoolBoy Magazine & Blog:

Send your work via email to:

cuntribute@poolboymagazine(DOT COM)


All work must be in a readable file format (.doc, .txt, .rtf, or .pdf, or jpg) and contain the following information:

  • Your name (the name you will be credited under)
  • Your contact information (email address and mailing address)
  • A short 3-5 sentence bio on yourself (include any previous publishings (zines, novels, etc.), where you reside, etc.)
  • The title of piece

Submission does not guarantee publication in PoolBoy. We will notify you via email if your work has been accepted. Accepted work will be published in PoolBoy Magazine or on the PoolBoy Blog at as well as on any of our social media networks. By submitting your work you are consenting to and acknowledging that PoolBoy Magazine, LLC will be publishing your work with no financial compensation and further more, that PoolBoy Magazine LLC retains the right to re-publish such submitted material in the future as we see fit.





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