David Williams: The Wolfman Cum-eth

So the other night, I gathered with Clitical Sass and some chips and we watched GODS OF FOOTBALL (all caps = so epic)

which is a documentary on the making of an almost nude calendar featuring Australia’s hottest rugby players.  The proceeds from the calendar go to breast cancer research which is so “awww”.

The flick is whatevs but does show lots of hot dude skin. No peen unfortunately, just a strategically placed cum rag or rugby ball. Sad face.  Most of the dudes were hotz but there were some who were very “i will rape you in the club”-looking. AKA this hombre:

All the of dudes kinda looked the same, super muscular, no necks, dbag-tag tatts, etc, except for one: 
David Williams.

We had already unknowingly posted a photo of him from the calendar on our Hot Athletes post, but we didnt know it was him, because he was, how do you say, sans the beard.

I love the beard though! He looks like a super hot hipster or a logger. Like he plays drums in Fleet Foxes and fucks like a champion.

Apparently he dyed the beard pink for some creepy reason!  He is crazy ya’ll!  And hot.

Enjoy (with and without el beardo)

 cum rags!
i wanna put my face between those legs
i dont know what is going here in this picture but i support it.
i will also support this
with my mouth
he plays for a rugby team called “Manly”
how appropriate…
i have never wanted to be an old man doctor until this moment
boner jamz town 2010

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