Doris Miller’s PoolBoy Bathroom Makeover

Doris Miller’s PoolBoy DIY Dudes Galore Bathroom Makeover

First of all, your bathroom is a very sacred place. Because it’s a place where you can relax in the shower or bath. It’s a place where you get most of your reading done. It’s a place where you store your curling irons. Therefore, shouldn’t it be a place that you love?

This simple do-it-yourself makeover project will render your once humble throne room to something that friends and family will be discussing for years to come. At your parties, there will always be a line to use the bathroom, and not just because everyone needs to pee.

What you need:
1) Scissors
2) tape (nothing that will destroy a wall)
3) a toilet
4) dirty magazines/images of hot naked men/images of sexy men
5) images of not hot naked men (more funny than sexy, see Lurid Digs below for ideas)

Step One: Hot Guy Search
Take your dirty magazines and cut out your favorite pictures or print up images of hot naked men from the internet. I bought some Playgirls and cut out the pictures that made me laugh. You want to have two groups of images here: 1) hot dudes you would bang 2) fugly naked dudes you laugh at

Step Two: Dudes Galore
Take your pictures of hot sexy men and tape them to the wall directly ACROSS from the toilet or somewhere where you can view them while you are sitting on the toilet doing your biznasty. Arrange the images in a way that is pleasing to your eye.

Step Three: Non Sexy Naked Dudes
Take your pictures of funny looking naked men and tape them to the wall directly BEHIND the toilet. Arrange them in a way that is pleasing to your eye.


Now when using your bathroom, your male guests will get an eyeful of hilarious pictures of naked men and their boners, and your female guests will get a lovely wall full of images of hot men to look at!

Here’s some images of my bathroom to get you inspired:

(men’s view. Click on image to zoom in)

(close ups)

I still get screams of delight and disgust when guests enter my bathroom! So do up yours right!

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