I Dream About Bebe Barron

I mean I dream about having her life.  Her and her husband are credited with being the first electronic music artists in the world.

Ok so this is totally your life, you’re 22 years old. It’s 1947, two years after the U.S. dropped atomic bombs Japan, ending World War II, which was having an astronomical influence on the decade and the rest of history yet to come.  With the horrors of the Holocaust fresh in everyone’s minds the US begins the rebuilding of Europe as a surprising victor in a brand new world order, unsurping thousands of years of structure and rising above the smoldering ashes of the old world/reeling from the horrors of the Holocaust.


War veterans were returning to find the GI bill was making it easy for men to go to college. Larger and larger rumblings of a the oncoming Civil Rights movement in America were being felt throughout the country.  That year television became available for the public.  There were 13 channels.  Due to great technological advancements during WWII, the first computer had just been invented.  A decade of women had experienced greater freedoms because of the war.  Rosie the Riveter had become an icon of the working woman, the All American Girls Professional Baseball League (“there’s no crying in basebeall!”) was in full swing, and women, now accosomed to a new and changing society, were starting the political and social foundations for equal job access, pay,  and working conditions, establishing the structures of our current workplace environments.


Aren’t these people like the cutest couple ever? Recording shit at their house parties? Aren’t house parties the greatest?  I’m sure all your girlfriends are married or getting married.  Having kids.  Enjoying the crazy power of new industries beginning to sprout in the cracks of society like weeds among the concrete sidewalks after a good rain.


As a gift for your wedding you get a tape recorder.  You and your new husband are intrigued and start getting a little tipsy and making circuit boards that emitted sound and then recording the sounds on the tape recorder.  You just fuck around. Making up “plays” where the sounds are actors.  You don’t even think of it as a musical composition. It’s just having fun with your husband.


You start spending your time listening to noise, picking out what sounded good, while your husband fucks around with his circuits.  Making new noises, using mulitple tape recorders now.   You invent the tape loop.

You fucking invent the tape loop.

You and your husband go on to record the first electronic album “Forbidden Planet” and open the first electronic music recording studio, recording the likes of Tennessee Williams and Henry Miller.  You give John Cage a boner because you’re so badass and he begins encouraging you artistically, while he himself begins the authoring of a new art form.  You get involved in creating the first sound effects in film and begin a royal rein in Hollywood.  Your work spurs a great debate on whether your creations are of artistic or scientific value.  The century surges forward with idea that they are both.

what a fun relationship to dream about being in!

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  • August 17, 2020 at 5:19 pm

    My name is Skylar, I am with Ideal Glass Studios in New York City. We recently found out that our 9 West 8th Street location was home to Louis and Bebe Barron’s recording studio. We would love to talk to you more about The Barrons. My email is skylar@idealglass.studio. Hope to hear from you soon!


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