Every girl needs a PoolBoy…

It’s pretty obvious Britney Spears grew up watching nothing but Cartoon Network and scrambled porn, but much like Zach Braff on Scrubs, Brit is always making out with random hotness in her videos.

I was recently subjected to her newer video where she thoroughly stalks and dominates a tasty example of the male of the species. She turns the “Womanizer” into her own playtoy. It’s not about how she feels betrayed (though the lyrics can suggest otherwise). She pushes him. She moves along to the next scene seamlessly being his aggressor. She tosses him around like a disposable cup. HOT.

Even if the tune doesn’t interest you, the man meat featured rates high on the PoolBoy scale.

Thank the King James version of Jesus for Britney because if you ever needed a standard for your valentines dedicated to insanity, this girl is the richter scale.

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