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I’ll make this short since it’s Friday, and legally Happy Hour should be implemented at 11am on Fridays just to make up for the fact that Mondays even exist.

I love this girl:

She is the glorious Bloggess, who not only keeps up with a regular blog warning us of the potential existence of werewolf eels, but writes funny sexy articles for SexIs – an awesome site about/for/and why not a little more sex! – about vampire blow-job sex toys and the benefits of adopting a clitoris. She also gives really good advice, like “Get your heart out of your vagina” and she totally loves penis and will dedicate valuable time helping them rather than keeping track of how much Xanax she’s taken. Which is great, since we do too. Love penis, not keep track of our Xanax. Counting is for assholes.

Dear Bloggess, if we ever meet, we’d like to buy you a drink. Here, let me drink that for you.

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