Friday Night Hottie

It’s been chilly in Phoenix. I’m not going to say “cold” because it doesn’t really get “cold” here as the rest of the country would define the word. Still, on these chilly December nights, all I want to do is drink some wine by the fire and maybe watch something with a hot dude in it, something like Friday Night Lights. I’ve only seen the first 4 episodes of the third season of this TV drama about the politics of high school football in a small Texas town, but I’ve seen enough to know that the hottie quota has more than been filled by Taylor Kitsch, who plays party boy Tim Riggins.

Kitsch might not play a very good Gambit (dude is from Louisiana = he should have a hot accent), and I did worry that it may just be my propensity for losers (sorry, Tim Riggins is sort of a douche), but shirt or no shirt (and thankfully he does seem to lose his shirt a lot in the show) Taylor Kitsch is nice to look at on a cold winter’s night.

Oh, you don’t believe me? How do you like these apples, hmm?

I would def put a little Taylor Kitsch in my body.

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