HeadQuarters Smoke And Vape Shop (Denver)

Being a first timer in Denver, I can best describe this street as a rad little downtown cluster-fuck of shops. All in close proximity, yet interestingly diverse. There was a bar called “Your Mom’s House”, and a radical tiny pizza spot called Benny Bianco’s that was covered in endless metal and punk band stickers.

HeadQuarters Smoke and Vape Shop is a well known and contributing part of this kooky cluster. Very tasteful shop. Clean and organized, it was evident the owner Joey Benavides cares for his shop and believes in quality products.

The moment I walked in, I was in awe with everything I was seeing. A giant inflatable RAW joint, a beautiful selection of glassware, and a cute little arcade game with the sexy Ms. Pac-man on the top of it. Maybe it was just the amazing Denver weed taking me over, but I really appreciated the organization and display of products.The owner Joey Benavides provides the perfect combination of connoisseur stoner.  The shop is also well-known among  dispensary staff in Denver.

A rad fact is, HeadQuarters Smoke and Vape Shop actually originated in Tempe Arizona. If you are ever in Colorado or Arizona, you can see for yourself what HeadQuaters is all about. You can find them and follow on the PoolBoy Instagram. Thank you again to Joey and Nicole for the fun times and  warm hospitality! You guys fucking rule!!!!

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