Hit It – Justin Deeley

I tried to watch the new 90210. I really did. But I only made it 3 episodes before I had to abort that shit. Bad TV is like my middle name but, perhaps it was nostolgia for the original series or seeing that bratty virginal cheerleader from Degrassi trying to be the new Brenda, I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe if the character played by Justin Deeley, Austin, was present in those first few episodes I would have stuck around. Because…..DDDDAAAMMMMMNNNN.

The 26-year-old actor from Louisville hasn’t been in a whole lot of popular stuff so if his pretty face (or hot bod…) aren’t familiar, don’t freak. 90210 is pretty much the biggest thing Justin Deeley’s ever done. Oh, he played a trainer in the movie Couples Retreat….remember that? Me neither.

Apparently he got booted from the show. Sorry for the spoiler ladies. Here’s something that cannot be spoiled for you though. I guess Deeley’s done some underwear modelling as well as bad teen TV…

Uhhhhh….what were we talking about? Oh yeah! How hot Justin Deeley is! In this case, the pictures really speak for themselves….


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