Holiday Gifting #2

Granted, this gift would probably be a little awkward to explain to Grandma, but the holidays mean long road trips, freezing toilet seats and all your retarded Miller Lite swilling cousins bragging about writing their names in the snow.

The ladylike response:

Meet, the GoGirl.

The GoGirl is a pink, silicone funnel designed to allow women to pee standing up. Perfect for long road trips with no rest stop breaks (Arizona closed 13 of it’s 18 state rest stops. That’s a dangerously long drive when you’ve filled up on truck stop coffee), when you have to face a frozen toilet seat at 3am, or when you’d like to see how far your cousin’s jaws will drop when they look over and see “Ophelia” in perfect cursive next to their’s in the snow bank (including the dotted “i”, thankyouverymuch).

Your Mama reviews it here.

Buy it through their site! It comes in a discreet tube (pink or camo colored, to make camping a little more bearable), and comes with tissues and a baggie. They can be dispose of at any time, or washed and used again!

I intend on sticking one in Grandma’s stocking. Sure, she’s dead, but maybe there aren’t any rest stops in Hell either.

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