Hot Samurai

I’ve been salivating to head back to Asia and Japan is on my mind……especially after seeing Tamotsu Yato’s iconic photography of Japanese men, called Otoko.  Credited as being the forefather of Japanese male erotic photography, Yato was friends with, and photographed, Yukio Mishima, arguably one of Japan’s greatest and most riveting authors (check out Mishima: A Biography by John Nathan, a must read on Mishima.)

But back to Yato…Though many consider his work homoerotic, and there’s nothing wrong with that obvs, his photos and subjects promote a samurai-esque masculinity that I believe excites both men and women, much in the same vein as some of Robert Mapplethorpe’s work.

Yato’s work stands the test of time, gender, and even cultures. Check it out:


Yato’s portrait of Mishima (above)



Damn I gotta get to Japan….


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