Hot Veterans

Happy Veteran’s Day! (commonly known as Happy No-Work day!) Here’s a big THANK YOU to all our Veterans and their sacrifices.  Though I personally disagree with how our government (horribly) utilizes our amazing military, I support those who have selflessly volunteered (or not….cough….Vietnam War…cough) to put their lives in danger to protect and defend.

Plus, dudes in military uniforms are hotz. Hell any uniform on a dude is an automatic gusher for me.  UPS anyone?  Hello, yes I would like to receive your package. Where do I sign? Oops…getting sidetracked…sorryz.

Anyways, so as we honor our women and men in the armed forces on this glorious no-work day (unless you work retail ugh), let’s check out some hot pics of soldiers in uniform:

hope that’s loaded buddy

hmm my desire to enlist is increasing…


He can enlist….in my pants!

also damn. feel free to drop and give me 50


keep smilin’ keep shinin’


salute my shorts sexy seamen!

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