How To Penis Collage

We love art and penis so why not combine the two and create your own penis art to display and gift to family and friends.

You’ll only need a few items to get started and can penis collage anywhere though I would avoid doing it in places where children are present since you will be cutting out images from porn magazines and such.


Materials needed:

– graphic content that includes dick. You can either print this material out at home or go to a sex-positive store and purchase some adult magazines.

– scissors

– glue – I like to use glue sticks because white glue from the bottle can cause your images to wrinkle as they dry.  (If you want to preserve the collage i recommend getting a jar of ModPodge and after collaging you can gloss over the piece with mod podge to preserve it – this is totally optional)

– other images from collaging – think about backgrounds, text, non-adult images for your penises to interact with. think about old calendars you have lying around, construction paper, newspapers, old magazines like nat geos and people (steal mags from doctor’s offices if you have to! Get resourceful!)

-Optional: ModPodge & a paintbrush (see above under GLUE), self-healing cutting board (you can get at an art supply store), exacto knives (If you are picky about your cutting

– Friends – this shit is no fun to do alone! Get your girlfriends involved! Make a Penis Collage Party out of it! and trade some art and shit. This is FUNNN time.




Super simple: cut out dicks and other imagery and arrange in an artful manner on another piece of paper using glue sticks and scissors.  Much like penis, all sizes and shapes of paper is acceptable!

Check out PoolBoy’s pics from our first penis collage party!

1/2 inch gothic dick!
The beginning….
We penis collaged outdoors at the Jobot cafe patio in downtown Phoenix. It was a beautiful night. No children allowed!


Chanel that dick
Fine Fir Sal


We even had someone bring a button maker:



You never know what you’ll start making out of penises.



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