How to Swim When You are on Your Period

When I was on the swim team in high school there was one freshman girl that would sit out a couple practices every month. I always thought she was special but when I asked her what the deal was she said she was on her period and it was against her religion to use tampons. Now, I don’t know what religion says stuffing cotton up your vag is a sin, but I do know that said freshman never beat me in a race. For any ladies out there who are bleeding right now and want to jump in some water, this wiki link will help you figure out how you can still swim while on the rag (because, honestly, “women have been in and around water since there have been women”).

If anyone is giving you a hard time, remember:

  1. Just Say:”I don’t want to swim right now because I’m on my period“. If everyone present is female, they’ll probrably understand. If you’re in mixed company, the boys will probably be too embarrassed to give you a hard time about it. (Although you’re also perpetuating the myth that a menstruating woman can’t swim, or horrible but ill-defined things will happen.)

The super informative article also says that it is extremely rare for menstruating women to be attacked by sharks. In case you were wondering.

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