Hump Day Hunk: Joe Manganiello

This week’s Hump Day Hunk is wolfy Joe Manganiello

I’d never heard of this guy before watching season 3 of True Blood (watch this show yo, lots of nekid dudes) and now i can’t stop thinking about his topless scene from that episode where he goes to the werewolf bar with sookie to find out what happened to her vampire boyfriend Bill and gets attacked by another werewolf clan  (have I mentioned you should watch this show yet? it’s ridics).

There’s not too much to be said about good ol’ Joe except he works out a lot (obvs) and did a Taco Bell commercial (we all have bills),  so just check out these pics:



The scene from TB that i was talking about. Gawh! when will Sookie and Alcide fuck already? Forget fugliest-old man Bill. I wanna see some werewolf doggy-stylin’


looks like someone’s been chopping wood


even in jeggings, i would still hit that


ooh also i found this on the interwebz:

i dunno where it’s from but i will take it thankyouverymuch

Happy Hump Day ladies!

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