Hump Day Hunk – Michael Torpey

Happy Hump Day! The week is almost ovah ladies.  Here’s a hot dude to help get you through the rest of the week:

Hump Day Hunk #769 – Ben Grant aka Michael Torpey aka the Chase Bank commercial guy

Ok so this week is a total rando but he never-the-less works for me (just like my moneh amiriteladies?)  Every time I watch The L.A. Complex (so addicted….so addicted…it’s like life after Degrassi in L.A.!?!?!?) I see this guy’s shitty commercials for Chase Bank telling me to “bob and weave” and singing about cooling off hounds. The commercials suck as 99% of commercials are want to do, but Ben Grant is selling me nothing but SEX.


Ok so his “bank” name is Ben Grant (corporations are people too) but the actor’s real name is Michael Torpey and he has been doing his thang for a while now. Remember when he used to annoy Michael Jordan on the longest plane ride in the history of aviation? Yeah me neither:

Well if he personally managed my account (and by “account” I mean “vagina”) then maybe I’d consider moving my money to a bank………nah I love my local credit union.  Fuck banks.

Happy Wednesday!

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