Hump Day Hunk – Young Peter Fonda

Saw Easy Rider for the first time last night (shutup, I know that’s unforgivable but it is what it is) and DAAAMMMMNNN, young Peter Fonda is super bangable! Reminds me of an Australian dude I shagged years ago. Young Jack Nicholson is cute too but he looks too much like my dad so I’m not into it. This man, however, yes please!

Counterculture Peter Fonda was pretty badass. Old man Peter Fonda is a little scary. According to his Wikipedia, he’s said that he’s teaching his grandchildren how to use rifles in preparation for the future rebellion against Obama. Uhh……what?


Another cool fact, Fonda shot himself in the stomach when he was a kid and nearly died. Years later, when tripping balls with the Beatles (c’mon, that alone is a panty dropper!) he told them about the incident and said “I know what’s it’s like to be dead,” which became a lyric on “She Said She Said.” I’ll say it again, badass!

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