I went out on a date with a guy that voted for McCain!!!!!!



He’s so cute though (the date, not McCain)…..

I am at a crossroads. Can i convert him from the dark side?
I want to make out with him and check out his republican caucus.

I texted him this morning:”I had fun last night and, even though you voted for McCain, I would like to go out again sometime”

He texted back:”I had a good time last night too! We should definitely go out again and try not to hold that McCain thing against me “

I was going to text back:”Maybe you can hold something against me? “

but it’s too early in the game for such talk…. so instead i texted:”Well since good triumphed over evil, I won’t hold it against you. But FYI McCain has a horrible voting record on funding for veterans”

the date is an ex-military guy – so hot in a uniform…….

Maybe I can:

Check out his stimulus package
G.O.P. all over him
Search for W.M.D.s (and if we’re a code red on the Terrorist Threat Level Index then it will be time to invade and conquer)
Get a feel for his Republican Caucus
I’ll give him the ole’ reach across the aisle
Check out his pork barrel initiative

or he can:
Dick my Cheney
Vote for my Bush
Watch his economics trickle down my face
Filibuster all over me

HOWEVER, if he gets me preggers – i’m having an abortion!!!!!

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