Is Sex Interesting?

I just finished reading this essay by Wallace Shawn published in the August 2009 issue of Harper’s Magazine titled “Is Sex Interesting?”

The 64-year old Shawn makes several good points about the need for talking, writing, and thinking about sex. This paragraph, in particular, specifically stuck out to me as a great example of the importance of sexuality and its discussion in society:

When the sexuality of the terrifying people we call “our leaders” is for some reason revealed, they lose some of their power – sometimes all of it – because we’re reminded (and strangely, we need reminding) that they are merely creatures like the ordinary worm or beetle that creeps along at the edge of the pond. Sex really is a nation of its own. Those whose allegiance is given to sex at a certain moment withdraw their loyalty temporarily from other powers. It’s a symbol of the possibility that we might all defect for one reason or another from the obedient columns in which we march.

Sex is anarchism!

Sadly you cannot read the full essay on the Harper’s Magazine website without being a subscription holder but I did find a reprint of Shawn’s piece online at the Guardian.

So what’s the verdict to Shawn’s title question, Is Sex Interesting?

Yes, yes it is.

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