It’s good to be a (human) woman!

This is a penis.

Holy fuck.

Talk about kinky. This prickly pecker is hardly something I’d like to pull out of my man’s trousers. Unfortunately for the Bean Weevil (Callosobruchus maculatus), this is what Lady Weevil has to look forward to during mating season.

Apparently Bean Weevils aren’t the only ones who are praying their boyfriend gets a raging case of whiskey dick.

The dung fly, that has armor on its penis, and the Drosphillia fruit fly actually injects lethal toxins along with its sperm to kill other sperm from other males. Possibly the most cringe worthy sexual technique of all belongs to the male bed bug, whose penis is like a hypodermic needle. He stabs it through the female’s back and injects his semen straight into her abdominal cavity. It’s a method that’s been appropriately named “traumatic insemination”.

Read the full article here, while I thank the Gods that the only thing I got last time was a bad case of rug burn.

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