July is International Zine Month!

Well whadayaknow?

What are you doing for international zine month? Make a zine! Buy a zine from a distro or a local business that sells zines! Promote zines!

Stolen Sharpie Revolution is an amazing little book/zine that is published by one of the undisputed zine queens of America, Alex Wrek. It contains all you’ll need to know on making zines, starting a distro, and getting your zines into distros and local businesses.

Zines are awesome. You can say what you want. It can be personal, political, funny, entertaining etc. It’s yours. Use your freedom to publish what you want by making a zine!

Bust magazine (among many others) started off a zine. The Riot Girrl movement started off with zines.

And many great graphic novels and books have started off as zines (Cometbus, Fart Party, Doris, Invincible Summer, etc).

Even the publishers of PoolBoy Magazine all started in publishing with making their own zines!

So get tah making a zine or finishing your zine this month!!

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