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Back in March I was lucky enough to catch the lovely ladies of the for-women, by-women travel guides, Go! Girl Guides, on their book tour. Founder Kelly Lewis started Go! Girls in 2010 after spending a year in New Zealand and realizing there were no travel guides written specifically for women. Frankly, it blows my mind that it took that long.

female backpacker

So far there are Go! Girl guides for Thailand, Argentina, Mexico, and London. In the meantime, the Go! girls keep up an impressive blog. I have such a blast jumping through posts by lady travelers, many of whom are currently living or writing from abroad, on awesome topics ranging from  abortion laws around the worldhiking Machu Picchu on your periodpreventing and treating uti’s while on the road, as well as profiles of female travel bloggers and advice on romance, health, finance and all things travel. I highlight some of the vagina-specific posts because I didn’t realize how much normal travel sites/guides were missing  this sort of info until I read it on this site. After recently hiking the Grand Canyon while on the rag, I can relate to the very female experiences of the Go! Girl bloggers.

female travelers jumping

Kelly was rad in person and her story is super inspiring. She saw a lack of information for female travelers so she jumped in and started a whole new guide book line, as well as a travel revolution! These guides should inspire women of all ages to embark on solo trips around the world. They cover subjects you won’t find in a Lonely Planet or Rough Guide. While flipping through the Go! Girl guide to Argentina I was stoked to see a section on eating vegetarian as well as volunteer opportunities. How refreshing! There are even profiles of female locals, couchsurfers, backpackers, and ex-pats.


Go! Girls on tour!

If you are heading to any of the locals covered by these pink books, be sure to pick one up at your local independent bookstore.

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