Lady Love – Ovarian-Psycho Bicycle Brigade


Today I’d like to introduce a new segment on the Poolboy Blog: Lady Love. For awhile The Lady of Leisure and myself have been discussing  a series of posts celebrating rad ladies. Poolboy is about hot dudes, sure, but it’s also about all the awesome ladies around the world making art and helping others and fighting back and challenging misogyny in all forms. That search brought us to Lady Love. The women featured in Lady Love are women we have major crushes on. They are women who are changing the world through revolutionary acts of all shapes and sizes. They are the women we aspire to be, to have as friends and family. If nothing else, they are women who make us smile and we thank the sometimes fucked up world that there are still some badass women out there causing trouble.

In the first Lady Love post we celebrate the Ovarian-Psycho Bicycle Brigade of LA. These fucking awesome women started an all-female bike club to combat the overwhelming gender disparity in urban cycling.

The “Ovas” are not just about clever names, although they do rule at that. “The currently all-Latina collective with roots from various parts of the Eastside pride themselves with their exclusivity to women, with sticker slogans like “Ovaries so big, we don’t need no fucking balls.” Their monthly all-women Luna Rides, which takes its name from the moons connection with a woman’s menstrual cycle, bring up to 30 women riders each ride. For their two-year anniversary in July, the Ovarian-Psycos are also planning the first female version of the monthly Critical Mass, which will be called Clitoral Mass.”

This is so fucking radical! Critical Mass is awesome, I’m not knocking it. But urban cycling can be scary and is certainly dangerous, and not just because of the cars. Sometimes close-minded people are the problem. To have a group of women encourage female riders and hold nurturing all-lady rides that are combined with feminist speakers and workshops, is just incredible. I think one of the Ovas says it best: ” ‘Being around women, learning that we can interact in a way that was not hostile or competitive; it’s been a very new experience,’ said Magally “Maga” Miranda.” Fucking female power, yo.

And don’t even get me started on the hand sign the Ovas use. So. fucking. rad.

Watch out, Los Angeles, the Ovarian Psychos be taking back the bike!

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