MLS (Master of Library Sciences) Hotties

When I started library school, I remember remarking over the number of attractive twenty-something males in my classes.  They were a varied group, including a vocal (and muscular!) football fan, an electronics geek who eschewed notebooks, and my absolute favorite, the stereotypical sweater vest/plastic framed nerd who kind of reminded me of a young Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Not all librarians are ladies wearing cardigans, and Men of the Stacks dispels this stereotype in the most jaw-dropping fashion.  A 2012 calendar containing twelve gorgeous librarians in various states of dress and undress, Men of the Stacks shows a wide swath of male librarians.  With the proceeds going to the It Gets Better Project, how could you resist spending a year with men whose purpose in life is spreading knowledge?


E-readers can never, ever have the ability to create sexual tension like a well-placed book!

Give me agency, sir!


You can re-structure my library any day.


I want to play with your puppy. Your actual puppy. And you too, bearded gentleman.

Now that I’ve plied you with photographs of hot librarians, I’ll take this moment to say we still need our local libraries. Giving the public the agency and space to acquire knowledge is a luxury that has gratefully been made into a right, and I hope it stays that way.


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