Music to message your mate by – PoolBoy Playlist#69

Our current sexy times playlist to fuck to includes:

SZA’s Love Galore ft. Travis Scott

Basically all her CTRL album is teh sheet.



Love this video and this song! Swooning over Kendrick and Rihanna sinking into the asphalt together. Swooning over Kendrick beating up the big dude.

Swooning over Rihanna in this video.



Abra is sexy as fuck. So is this song. Fuck to this song.



Banks’ Fuck with myself video is whatevers but the song is good



I love this video and I love FKA Twigs and not only because she’s fucking R-patz, but mostly because she’s just awesome.



Great RiRi cover of Tame Impala’s Same Ol’ Mistakes.



And an oldie but a goodie, Amy Winehouse’s Unholy War



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