My New Favorite Tumblr

My new favorite Tumblr is Jon Hamm’s Wang.  Simple and to the point:

“Jon Hamm likes to go commando. No underpants have the power to hold back Jon Hamm’s Wang.” Then commences, as you can imagine, glorious images of gorge Jon Hamm with visible pants cock. Loving it!

Long-time girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt is a lucky lady! And, let’s be honest, Hamm is pretty lucky himself.  Westfeldt is a talented director and actress in her own right. And she’s a babe. I heart them as a couple. Totes cute.

It’s awesome that they’ve been together for like 12 years, and that they are seemingly happy without getting married. Seems way more like a partnership than some of the legally recognized “partnerships” you see in Hollywood today…and everywhere else. But anyway, back to Jon Hamm’s peen!

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