My Sex Ed Flashback

My first memories of sex education was being in a bright yet dank classroom. With white floors and cream colored desks. The room was purposely smaller than a normal classroom. They would only allow a certain amount of students to take the course and it was only a semester long. That is it. One credit. One small requirement and you can move on. You have just learned all you need to know about sex.

What I remember learning was that sex was scary, and you must always use a condom or else you will get pregnant or a disease. Nothing but fear and no education provided. So sex becomes this frightening yet exciting mystery. Being a sixteen year-old girl for me was a very angsty and confusing time. For the girls, sex was frowned upon, if you were having sex you weren’t cool but also if you were having sex you were cool. Because as the females were being put down, the males in the school were being glorified. The classic jock football player would be encouraged to have fun safe sex with lots of girls. And the naturally curvy and beautiful cheerleader would be told to wait and not have sex, but then be asked about, by the same people who advised her to not have sex. “How was she?” seems to be the universal question, asked in many forms.

This is just the perspective of an observer, remembering what it was like to be a teenager learning about sex in high school. I don’t know how it is now. I only graduated 7 years ago. I am assuming things may be very different. If anyone has any information, thoughts, or comments to share, please do! Feel free to post here, or email me at

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