Period Watching

I’m currently taking a break from my life for a day (privilege) due to having a painful first day of menstruation.  This happens every month. Guess it’s the price I pay for having full, beautiful double xx chromosomes. Anyways, sometimes my first day falls on a Sunday and its nice because I can just lay in bed all day and watch tv and smoke weed and masturbate.


So aside from rewatching episodes of Game of Thrones and Bachelor in Paradise I started diving into the Netflix world and came across some fun shows I’d like to recommend when you’re on the red tide mend.



The Characters

SO GOOD. If you like short sketch comedy these are fun. They “introduce” us to some great comedians and allow them to create a 1 episode show featuring some of their characters. Some of these episodes are so so good.


Natasha RothwellKate Berlant and Paul Downs, are my top favorites so far.

I’m sure you’ll recognize Natasha Rothwell as the hilarious Kelli on HBO’s Insecure (hint: she’s one of the best characters on that show).  Rothwell’s well read subway homeless man is a great character. He lives on the subway and spends a lot of time at the public library so he  threatens to spoil Game of Thrones story lines to his captive subway audience unless they pay him money. It’s quite funny.  She’s got some other funny sketches in her episode including Tynesha, the daughter of an office boss, who dispenses quality life advice while one the quest for desk candy.



Paul Down’s show features memorable characters like Jasper Cooch, the host of a show about monster trucks as well as a character named Det. McClintock, a blind, Segway riding homicide detective; interspersed with a creative live show element.  You might remember him as Abby’s gym boss on Broad City.



Berlant’s episode is mostly a hilarious spoof on a Marina Abramović-esque artist named Denise St. Roy, who is completely full of herself, and the insufferable people that work around her in the art world, including a young rich art gallery owner named Rachel Ross.  Ross is a horrible woman who’s father bought her the gallery while she was in law school and “thinking about her life.”


I think this platform of giving more or less unknown comedians a chance to showcase their skills is great and leads to some very interesting watching. Keep it up Netflix!



Season 2 of this Netflix produced series has aired on Netflix on 8/31/18 and it’s worth binging! I won’t give anything away but if you haven’t checked out this deftly crafted dark comedy about a family laundering money for a Mexican cartel in Missouri then you should.

Season 2 trailer:



Total binge day! Enjoy your Sundaze and holiday weekend!!!!!

What shows are you watching right now?


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