PoolBoy on the East Coast!

So hey y’all. I was just in NYC and Boston, hitting on some hot dudes, and meeting up with people to work on the first issue of PoolBoy Magazine!

here’s a run down of what i didz:

– Met up with PoolBoy James. We went to a UFC fight, which initially i thought was going to be totally horrible but i ended up really impressed with the hot dudes there. UFC fighter bodies are the shit. Hot hot hot. Plus lots of hot dudes from Brazil….yeah.

– I went to the Isabella Gardner Museum which was beautiful. A very interesting woman from the early 1900s. Check it out.

NYC (aka Hot dude land)
– I photographed writer and musician, Mishka Shubaly in Greenpoint. We’re running a hot interview with him called “Take it Off” in the first issue. Here’s some teasers:

I photographed him in his apartment amidst strewn Magnum condom wrappers (word up ladies). He gave me a vibrator (long story). And then we went to a nearby park and ate chips.

I also was able to check out the Museum of Sex!

Which had a very interesting exhibit on animals and sex, composed of videos, scientific data, photographs and really cool paper mache sculptures:

The other main exhibition was on Sex in Film. It documented sex on films from the beginning of movie making up to the present and included everything from Victorian era “stag” films to Girls Gone Wild (and Boys Gone Wild). It was weird standing in a room full of TV screens showing pornos through the ages with a bunch of tourists from around the world. But everyone seemed OK with it.

The upstairs exhibition had a lots of interesting stuff including photographs of people with their sex toys, materials on sex education for children throughout the ages, fetishes and kinky sex videos and objects, and a cool stop-animation video of robots having sex.

I definitely recommend checking out this museum if you are in NYC and are sick of the MOMA. It’s got rotating exhibitions that deal with all sorts of issues related to sexuality and it’s very informative and interesting. Plus it’s got a gift store filled with dildos and books!

All in all it was an awesome trip! I got to network for the magazine a bunch and met some really cool people who are doing cool things and helping out PoolBoy.

Can’t wait for this first issue to cum out!!!

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