PoolBoy’s Hot Dude Safari Adventures!

Our very first PoolBoy event went off fantastically last weekend! Our official PoolBoy Hot Dude Safarai bar crawl happened last weekend and we had an excellent turn out with four teams competing for our special prizes, which included copies of PoolBoy Magazine Hot Dicks Issue 1, our new PoolBoy Magazine T-shirts, our official PoolBoy “I Heart Cock” stickers and various goodies from Phoenix’s own Fascinations!

We started off the night at Taste of Tops where we all met up and relaxed with pre-hunt beer while the ladies of PoolBoy went over the official rules.  Then it was on to Casey Moore’s down the street for some high caliber hunting.  The bar was packed and the game looked good.  Teams scattered,  taking down high quality beasts left and right. Few hot dudes were left untouched.

After we exhausted the talent at Casey’s we moved to Boulders on Broadway where we had our finale party (and one team scored ONE MILLION points in a challenge that involved a banana).  Teams compared techniques while we uploaded their photos and tallied the take.  We then presented the Hot Dude Safari photos in a slide show for each team to check out what the others had bagged during the night’s hunt.

Everyone in attendance received a PoolBoy  t-shirt and the top two teams received copies of the mag along with other prizes.  Al Hudson, our first ever PoolBoy cover dude, came out to the finale party to hang with us and sign some copies of the magazine.  It was an excellent night, with many a team member exclaiming that that was the best time out they’d had in a while. You’re welcome Phoenix.

And here are the highlights from our teams:

Team Name: Shut Your Mouth Or I Will Fuck It

Status: WINNERS aka Hot Dude Safari Top Huntresses

Why They Won:

Hot Dude and His Girlfriend


Hot dude in a tank top aka two tickets to the gun show


Hot dude plaid sandwich


Hot dude wearing sandals and socks! Worth a MILLION points.


Hot dude eating a banana suggestively. Worth a MILLION points.



Team Name: TNA

Status: 2nd Place aka Hot Dude Safari Official Licensed Huntresses

Why they received 2nd place:


Hot dude taller than 6’3″


Hot dude that looks like a famous person (Elijah Wood)


Hot dude phone number!



Team Name: DB

Status: 3rd place aka Hot Dude Safari Experienced Huntresses

Why they received 3rd place:


Hot dude with a ponytail.


Hot dude in a hat


Hot dude in cutoffs


Team Name: Vagina Vendetta

Status: 4th place aka Hot Dude Safari Big Buck Sharp Shooters

Why they received 4th: technically they won 1st place because they got amazing photos (a hot guy in a taco suit!??! WTF??!) but they took photos on their phone and had to leave the night a little earlier than the rest so they were unable to have their scores tallied or have their photos displayed or uploaded to the interwebs. We still don’t have their photos (we want that photo with the hot priest!) but what we saw before they left was killer. These ladies truly know how to hunt big game.

The amount of hotness displayed in the photos was amazeballs and we’re very proud of all who attended for being such good sports and such cunning huntresses.  Thank you all so much for coming out and having a good time.  We’re already working on future PoolBoy events! Our official second event will be a NYC release party in September for our east coast readers.

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