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We are always looking for male models!

Poolboy is looking for men between the ages of 18 and 45. We want men of all races and creeds but are looking for specific cultural and physical attributes. Maybe you can help us fill that need?

Underground, indie, hipster. These tagline words don’t necessarily define the type of guys we are looking for but describe subcultures that guys we want to see naked hang out in.

What we don’t want:

We don’t want muscle dudes. We don’t want dudes who tan too much or shave their bodies and junk. We don’t want dudes who go to sleezy nightclubs to look for “talent”. No popped colloars, spiked hair (unless it’s a Mohawk), or knockoff gucci sunglasses. No douchebags. No fakers. No male review dancers.

If you look like you could pose in Playgirl, then go pose there. We don’t want to see you naked here.

To submit images to Poolboy:

Email the photos in jpeg or other high quality file format (200 dpi, no bigger than 8×11” and no smaller than 4×6”) in color and/or black and white to:

cuntribute@poolboymagazine(DOT COM)

Ladies, we encourage you to take hot photos of your boyfriends and husbands and submit them for publication. You know what’s hot. We want hot photos of dudes from the female perspective.

Legal speak goes here

In order to publish photos in Poolboy magazine and on our website you will need to be able to follow the legal guidelines set forth by US law 2257, which requires any and all models to:

  1. Be over 18 years of age
  2. Provide copies of 2 forms of government issued identification for our record keeping
  3. Fill out this our consent form and email/mail it back to us with the required copies of your ID
  4. Read and acknowledge that you understand the following terms and conditions:

By sending us the photos you are agreeing to their use in a print magazine. These images maybe reproduced without your permission. 

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