Rough Sex

While hard at work on the second issue of PoolBoy, I took a little break to check out the blogosphere and, luck o’ lucks!, found this awesome article on AlterNet about anti-male, anti- sex mainstream coverage of pornography. The article is pretty awesome. Apparently The Atlantic published an article that contended that today’s hardcore pornography reveals “eternal truths about men and women.” For realz?

According to AlterNet:

In a nutshell, the so-called “truths” the article purports to unveil are these: men’s natural desires are predatory and aggressive. Women’s sexual needs are the inverse of male desires, or something — actually, she never quite describes female desire as a thing that exists on its own; just that it stands in opposition to the male sex drive, locking the sexes in eternal battle. “Men, so the conventional wisdom goes, tend to desire more than women are willing to give them sexually. The granting of sex is the most powerful weapon women possess in their struggle with men.”

What about women that like to be sexually aggressive? What about men who prefer submissiveness? And really, it’s 2011, does the author really believe that women are only having sex as a tool in a battle of the ages?

There are a lot of ideas to contend with in The Atlantic article, but AlterNet writer Tana Ganeva does a superb job of questioning and combating many of them, most importantly the idea that today’s porn demonstrates that men are savages with insatiable sex drives who all want to have double anal penetration with uncomfortable, uninterested, and whatever else is the opposite of the brute male sex drive, women. It’s nice to see someone challenge the still prevalent idea that women have no sexual agency. And why is there so much talk of anal sex in The Atlantic article? Get over it, some people like butt sex!

Anyway, read the AlterNet response. It’s spot on.

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