Seasons Greetings: Holiday Gifts #3

When I was a little kid, my Grandma used to tape up all the cards she got during the holidays on the walls in the kitchen.

Most blended together. Nothing remarkable about that same little house covered in snow with it’s one glowing yellow light. Yes, it looks inviting, but not when you see that same stupid card year after year. Plus, it’s embarrassing when you see that someone else had the same idea you did and stole a couple from the local church. Hey, those things can get expensive and who knew the Catholic church in Missouri where Aunt Jean goes bought their cards from the same printers.

Telegram Stop has something even better:I love love love this idea. I’m a big softie for anything antique, and who do you know has received a telegram before? No one. It’s like a gift in itself!! Plus, you’re sure to earn some bonus points when Grandpa gets that twinkle in his eye as he remembers what it was like to actually communicate via telegrams and horse messengers and all that.

Ok, don’t mention the horse and buggy thing. Grandpa might not be quite that old and you might get cut from the will for assuming such.

The best part is: sending a telegram is less than $5. Even less the more you send out. Perfect for any occasion. The sample above is for a wedding invite. Fucking swoon.

Get your Christmas telegrams out now!!
I received one for my birthday, and it came a bit late just like the good ol’ days, so be sure to order it early.

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