Sex with Hitler

Whoa. Germans can be really weird. Take these new German ads that “Warn That Sex With Hitler Will Give You AIDS / Unbridled Pleasure,” as reported by Guanabee. The blog post is pretty hilarious:

“The television ad features a couple having sex, turning to reveal the man as Adolph Hitler along with the words “AIDS is a mass murderer.” More like an ass murderer! High five! A series of print posters will also feature Stalin (’Cuz I Don’t Wanna Finish Right Away) and Hussein (In The Membrane) in similar poses, also with naked women.”

It’s crazy to think that at one time Hitler was seen as this hot really fuckable dude. So gross.

People were going crazy about the supposed German Sprite ad that was eventually revealed as unauthorized and made by an American, but this seems just as misguided to me. Did I mention there are also ads featuring Stalin and Sadam? Double gross.

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  • September 12, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    So are these real German ads? Because that one has Spanish on it..either way…whoa.


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