Shirt Cocking

My friend Mothrock recently sent me Seth Stevenson’s funny review of Burning Man’s anti-shirtcocking mentality at and I had to laugh.

Burning Man of all places has a dress code?  Isn’t it supposed to be like this great mini desert utopia filled with thousands of people on E wearing tutus? But then I thought about it. And yeah. I dont want my utopia filled with this:

doesn’t this look like the Dos Equis guy?

now this one just doesn’t make any sense….

This was the hottest shirtcocking pic I could find on the internet and you know its just a drunk dude taking selfies in the bathroom:

sorry fellas but it is true: Shirtcocking = hot dude kryptonite



That is unless you’re Andy Samberg….

in which case, all bets are off

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