Sister Spit

Last night the Lady of Leisure and myself headed over to The Trunkspace see the lovely ladies of Sister Spit read from their books (about Richard Simmons calling them hookers on his fitness cruise, among other things), spit spoken word, lip synch about French tranny burglars, and talk about volunteering to churn butter on a Mormon Pioneer Ranch to please a girlfriend.

This year’s tour includes the always amazing Michelle Tea, Ariel Schrag, Beth Lisick, Rhiannon Argo, Sara Seinberg, Ben McCoy, Kirya Traber, and usually a special guest or two. If you are into photography, comix, art, spoken word, laughing, cutting edge fiction, zines, badass ladies or awesomeness, I strongly urge you to check out Sister Spit if they stop anywhere near your town. They’re also setting up another US tour for April 2010 so urge them to come to you!

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