Slave Leo

Hey Nerds. Remember the last comi-con you went to and there were like a zillion Slave Leia cosplay ladies walking around. And now that I mentioned it, there was also like a zillion half-naked women walking around in cosplay because, hey, that’s what male writers, artists, editors and publishers put their female characters in when they create them.

But as any kick-ass feminist DIY-er knows: if you don’t see what you want, make it yourself.

Which is where the kick-ass feminist (yeah I said it) DIY-er known as Ryan Consell from Mad Art Lab (cool site yo) came to the conclusion that since he didn’t see a male equivalent of Princess Leia (slave to that bikini) he would make his own slave costume for men and call it “Slave Leo”

Backstory: Prince Leo is also captured along with Leia (are they cousins?) and forced to degrade himself for the entertainment of Jabba’s court. Oh the humanity! Oh the…well, well, well….this is totally hot:

Damn boy! You are doing this right!

I think, aside from a frozen Hans Solo, this is the 2nd lady-boner that Star Wars has given me.

OMG i want to fuck your face.

Though Ryan lists a litany of reasons for creating Slave Leo (jealousy, pride, shame), he fails to mention one: gender equality.

If you want to dress up all sexy like and hit up a comic-con for photos and excess attention –  ain’t no shame ladies do your thang, just make sure you ahead of the game.

And men should have the freedom to do the same.  Thank you Ryan. We need more boners and less homers at our comic-cons.

We need more Slave Leos!

Oh and Ryan, come to PhxComic-Con this year PLEEEEZZZZZEEE!!!!!

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