Slutty Costume Ideas for Your Dude


Nothing says Halloween is here than a slutty costume. Yeah sure it’s been mostly women doing the hot costume thing for Halloween but we think dudes should get in on the fun. After all, whats more fun than freezing your buns off wearing booty shorts and a tank top in late October?

Slutty Halloween costumes are not just for women.

Dudes, show us your dicks with these costume ideas:

Why not a slutty doctor (ahem….nurse)

or a slutty cowboy


Dont’ forget the classic HOT COP

but remember other hot civil servants on this holiday:



Hot middle east guy? JK. Hot Genie. Rub him right and he’ll grant you 3 wishes.


Around the world in 69 days! Don’t forget the highlanders!


and finally, if you can’t think of anything good. Go with the classic: Hot nature boi


Other great ideas are: Garbage man, mail man, pizza delivery guy, army guy, navy guy, UPS delivery guy (no FedEx), and sexy white devil.


whatever you decide to go with guys, just remember to slut it up and make it hot.

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