Spartacus: Nude Dudes Galore and Gore

So um I’ve been kinda obsessed with this show Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Starz (which has been putting together some good series lately, Party Down anyone?).  It’s produced by Sam Raimi of Evil Dead and Spider-Man fame and is loosely based on the story of the ancient Greek slave rebellion leader, Spartacus.

But that shit is not why i like it.

Being a cable show means you can get away with mucho and Spartacus does not shy away from anything.  There’s tons of blood splattering and maiming and killing (with more blood splattering).  A scene where a dude has to hold onto his spilled out intestines before being beheaded is par for the course in this show.  There’s also TONS OF NUDE DUDE SHOTS.

The character of Spartacus, played by uber-hotz actor/model/engineer (wtf?) Andy Whitfield, is captured as a slave of the Roman empire after he defects from the Roman military.  He is sent to die in the arena of Capua by the hands of trained gladiators but he escapes his death sentence and is then showed mercy and sent to live and train as a gladiator at a training compound run by scheming social climber Lentulus Batiatius and his equally devious wife, Lucretia (played most excellently by Lucy Lawless of Xena fame).

 So this gladiator training compound is where the totally hot dudes walk around naked, showing some P&A (peen and ass) and oiling themselves up (not joking) after a long day of gladiating or whatever the fuck they do.

The actors wear next to nothing (and nothing) constantly and their characters are at the whim of the Lucretia who frequently asks them up to the main house to disrobe and pleasure her and her friends.  YES THIS IS PART OF THE SHOW.

 Anyways, all the background sob stories of the characters are interesting and the intrigue and scheming of the villains also helps move the story along in between shots of buff naked dudes.

Check it out if for fun drama, hot naked dudes, and graphic blood splattering.

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